About us

Tim and Christine Huber

Tim and Christine are the senior pastors of Noborito Ekklesia Christian Church in Kawasaki-City, at Noborito, 20 minutes by express train from downtown Tokyo.  Their vision is to plant cell-churches, with a strong one-on-one discipleship vision for training leaders.   Their goal is to plant cell churches all over Japan, reaching out to Asia and around the world.  (They are using the MDA cell model from Project Amazon in Brazil, where thousands of dedicated leaders have been/are being trained.)

Tim was born in 1954, the third of five children, raised by missionary parents in southern Brazil.  He graduated from CIU in Columbia, S. Carolina, and received a master’s degree in TESL at WCIU in Pasadena, CA.  From age 27 to 32, he planted and pastored a new church with PAZ Mission in the Amazon, together with his parents and family.  For many years he prayed for Japan, and also worked with Japanese immigrants.   In the year 1987, he was sent as a missionary by Project Amazon Mission to Japan.

Christine’s  parents were missionaries on the Apache Indian Reservation in Arizona, where she was raised in a family of eight children.  She and her identical twin sister graduated together from Biola University in California.  Christine was first married to Luke, who died in 1994, in an airplane crash in the Amazon River.  As founders of Project Amazon Mission, they were church-planting in the unreached river villages for 18 years before he died.  Their four children and their spouses, along with their 8 grandchildren, are serving the Lord in church-planting also, some in Brazil and some in the USA.  Tim and Christine were married in 1997, and the whole family thanks God for Tim, who they think is the best grandpa in the whole world!

Tim and Christine’s dream is to live and work in Japan for the rest of their lives.  God has great visions and goals for the beautiful, dedicated Japanese people,  many of whom have never had even one chance to hear the good news of God’s love!   They believe that “NOW is the time for Japan!”

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